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Yeah ... I'm back again!

Earlier I asked ya, you all know not Alesana?

Why? Why confused? How scratching - scratching my head? Okay ... okay make that do not know what it Alesana, I would jelasin detail about Alesana. Here you are ..

Alesana is a band group-indie alternative rock. The band was formed in North Carolina, United States in 2004. The band is composed of:

* Dennis Lee - Vocals 2
* Shawn Milke - Vocalist 1, Piano
* Patrick "Peezee" Thompson - Guitarist main
* Jeremy Bryan - Drummer
* Jake Campbell - Guitarist 2
* Shane Crump - 3 vocalist, guitarist 3

here they are .. Alesana

Song - the song that .. Alesana oath, cool! Moreover, the Seduction, but endingnya rock acoustic guitar that makes my heart tremble every time that song ngedenger. Songs - Alesana songs that I like too much (or not at all say!) Starting from the first album titled Try This with Your Eyes Closed album ampe last one that came out in 2008 Where Myth fades to Legend.

In addition to songs, their style is .. beuh, Mantab! Indie style obviously seen from their clothing style that makes me obsessed

-indie rock .. like this!

Hhhmm .. although not so many Alesana fans in Indonesia, I was so big tetep no.1 fan here! Lullabyho is your big big fan, Alesana!!

2 Comment:

Anonim mengatakan...

nama fans alesana apa ya????

krm ke yahoo gw.


Anonim mengatakan...

nama fans alesana apa sih??

ksih tw ya..

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